Sam Fischer, USA Softball Team

“My name is Sam Fischer. I recently got into contact with Wade for a shoulder injury I have been struggling with for about 5 years now. For just a little bit of background about myself and my injury: I was an All-American softball player out of Loyola Marymount University. In 2012 I played short stop for Team USA and was able to compete in the World Championships. I hurt my shoulder before going into LMU, and for my entire career there I had a close relationship with the trainers because I was always getting treatment on it. Some examples:

  • Ice and stem everyday after practice
  • Ultrasound before every home game
  • Rehab three times a week where we did shoulder strengthening exercises
  • Plenty of Advil and plenty of ice

After the 2012 USA season, I took a few months off. When I got back into it, my arm was completely shot. I couldn’t throw without constant pain. Now I had always had pain through college but it was bearable and it was only about 30% of the time. Now I had pain on almost every throw and could tell that my injury was significantly worse from all the time I had been playing on it. At the 2013 USA team try out, my coaches could tell something was wrong because I had gone from throwing the ball over 70 MPH to closer to 50 MPH. I didn’t make the team.

I had an MRI done after tryouts and a few different tests done on my shoulder that all came back normal – the doctors were telling me nothing was wrong. I was relieved I didn’t need surgery, but knew that something was wrong with my shoulder. Some more treatments I was doing after college was:

  • Chiropractic treatment once a week
  • Physical therapy with new shoulder strengthening exercises

Nothing was making it better.

So I was introduced to Wade, and I went in for my first treatment with him and we determined that my range of motion was not great, and that my shoulders rolled forward because of the constant overcompensation for the pain in my shoulder. He worked on my shoulder for 45 minutes and it was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life, but after we were done I was able to reach farther back than I had before the treatment. Afterwards I went and held onto a pull up bar and was able to hold up my weight which is something that I had not been able to do for years.

I had two treatments with Wade and after all the pain and all of the stress that had been in my shoulder I had more range of motion than ever, and now I am slowly getting back into throwing a softball around and finally I have no pain. His treatment was unlike anything I had ever had done on my shoulder and it was the best thing that could have happened to me and my softball career. I will be able to try out in 2014 for Team USA because of Wade and my career as a professional athlete isn’t over because of the work that he did on my shoulder. ”

Raphael Carrao, BJJ Black Belt Malibu

“A few weeks before the American National Jiu-Jitsu Championships I injured my knee when a student rolled into the side of it. My knee was in severe pain, and I was worried that I would not be able to compete. I had a difficult time performing basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves. Thanks to Dr. Wade I was not only able to compete but got 2nd place in the Black Belt Masters Division. “

Heyden Wooff, Senior Camarillo Cross Country

“Ever since my Junior Year in Cross Country I have been dealing with nagging injuries. I was unable to train very many miles heading into my senior cross country season, and after the Ventura County Meet I started experiencing the same nagging injuries of pain in my inner thigh, low back, and Achilles tendon. Due to the pain I was unable to compete in the C.I.F. cross country prelims. Thanks to Dr. Wade I was able to run in the C.I.F. finals. My team and I qualified for the California State Meet. There I placed 15th overall, and our team was 5th. During the off-season Dr. Wade had me train in the pool, to maintain my fitness, while he continued to
treat me. My senior year track season was the first time in a year and a half that I didn’t have an injury. I made it to the State Meet and finished 3rd in the 3200m with a personal best. I am now on a full ride scholarship to Arizona St. “

Timmy Bond, BJJ Black Belt Camarillo

“I broke a small bone in my wrist in 1995 in a Mountain Bike Crash. The bone never healed, and I had to train with almost no range of motion or strength in my hand for the last 17 years. I couldn’t even open a jar of jelly. I have lived with this pain, and taught myself to fight one handed. In less than 2 hours of treatment, Dr. Wade gave me back my complete range of motion. 3 weeks post treatment I can say I am 100% pain free. Dr. Wade has given me my hand back. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Paul Peterson, Peterson Center for Dentistry

“I’ve been in practice since 2004. I realized in the first couple of years of my career that dentistry was very demanding on my neck and back. I’ve been seeing various healthcare providers since 2006 to keep me well enough to work. Dr. Malesich’s unique approach of working directly on my problem area as well as others related to my posture have given me amazing relief. When he adds Rock Tape to help me maintain my posture the results last 4-5 times longer. I can finally be pain free for more than a few days! Thank you. “

Heather McCaul, Dancer San Jose

“The work Dr. Wade does is nothing like any of the other therapies out there. It actually works! I am an active person with constant back pain from a congenital birth defect (spondylolisthesis) in my lower back. Prior to the surgery, that I eventually needed to get, I spent thousands on massage, acupuncture, special mattresses/chairs, and other small procedures by pain management doctors. I had seen it all. After my surgery I had to be very careful about what treatments I did. I found Dr. Wade and I was saved! Due to the nature of my work and the aftermath of the surgery, I had a lot of problems. Dr. Wade uses a straight forward method of combining Trigger Point Therapy and chiropractic work that leaves me feeling like I have all my joints and limbs again when we finish. My back pain is gone and all other problems that may have contributed to the pain have been found and cured.”

Mark Stallings, Weekend Warrior Camarillo

“I am a 36 year old weekend warrior. I am beginning to feel the wear and tear of an athletic youth. I had my ACL replaced two and a half years ago and have been struggling to maintain my activity level. I have been treated by the top physical therapist and chiropractors in Ventura County unsuccessfully. After the first treatment with Dr. Wade my knee was flexible and pain free. The popping and sensation of dislocation is gone. My activity has returned and my fitness is improving every day. Dr. Wade’s blend of techniques and expertise are exceptional and must be experienced to be believed. I can’t put in words the relief and excitement I feel now that I have my life back. “