TMJ Syndrome Therapy & Treatments

Young woman suffering from TMJAs you know we carry stress in the region of neck and upper back, and it expressed by an elevated resting muscles tone/muscles tension, which in many cases slightly changes our posture, flexing the neck region, folding shoulder forward. In such a case, additional to usual extremely hard work of masticatory muscles, bad posture intensifies strain on TMJ muscles due to increased gravity.

Consequently, if only painful masticatory muscles are addressed, it would be difficult to sustain results in treatment and management of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions. Therefore this lesson proposes stress management self-massage protocol that teaches how to keep correct posture when sitting on front of a computer, offers special neck exercises to sustain results and more.

There is strong research evidence to show the correlation between presence of trigger points and resultant TMJ syndrome and/or face/head pain in general. As well, when trigger point treatment is included in a care plan for an individual who has TMJ, the outcomes appear to be superior than in those treatment regimes that do not address trigger points in the intervention. There appear to be several scenarios in which trigger points become important predisposing, initiating, and/or precipitating factors in TMJ syndrome or dysfunction.

If you suffer from TMJ, please consider my therapy services. My patients with TMJ have seen some amazing results.  Call me to discuss how I can help you with your TMJ issues.