Specific Sports Injury Therapy

Ventura County Chiropractor Therapy (1)Dr. Wade is a sports injury and body work expert. He is a savant when it comes to treating sports injuries through accurate diagnoses, obtaining results in difficult cases, and quickly returning athletes to play. Dr. Wade can quickly determine if surgery or conservative care is the correct course of action for relieving pain and restoring function. He has made it his life pursuit to find the best way to treat injuries quickly, efficiently, and effectively. His educational pursuits have lead him into the undergrad studies of Exercise Science, a Massage Therapy Degree, Chiropractic Degree, Rehab Diplomate program and an HMT certification  http://www.fixpainhmt.com). Wade also mentored 3 years under Tobe Hanson, the Manual Therapy Consultant for the San Jose Sharks.

Dr. Wade currently works with LASP, Marrs Fitness, Camarillo Crossfit Crossfit Fast, Bond Squad MMA, Street Sports Jiu Jitsu, Camarillo High School, and worked with the San Jose Ballet, and on the medical staff of the 2013 Southern California Crossfit regionals.