Computer/Desk Pain Treatment

Ventura County Muscle Joint Therapy (3)The majority of jobs and careers leave people sitting all day at a desk or computer, which places strain on the body that can be equal or greater than manual labor jobs. Sitting for long periods of time places strain on certain parts of the body. By the end of the week, you’re stiff, achy, and possibly a little headachy. By the end of the year, you may have all sorts of ailments such as tension headaches, shoulder pain, stiff neck, and more.

Over-the-counter drugs or a glass of wine or two may relieve your pain temporarily. But wouldn’t you rather find a healthier, long-term solution? Dr. Wade uses a combination of soft tissue modalities, joint mobilization, stretches, and ergonomic tips to aid in elevating pain, relieving headaches, correcting poor posture, restoring full range of motion, function, and improving your quality of life.

Corporate Office Visits for Multiple Patients

I now offer a single visit to your office to treat multiple patients at a time.  This allows your company to save time and money while providing a valuable service to your employees.