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Post Surgery Recovery
Dr. Wade Therapy Overview
Ventura County Athletic Injury Therapy
Neck pain, headaches and back pain due to computer/desk strain
Improved and swift recovery after surgery

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“My therapy treatments are very often the REAL solution to pain relief and recovery for people that have tried everything else.”

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Wade Malesich, Ventura County Chiropractor

Reading some of my testimonials is an excellent way to see the type of help I provide.  Hear it directly from my patients.

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Dr. Wade Malesich: your Ventura County solution for pain relief and recovery

Dr. Wade Malesich, Camarillo ChiropractorI provide pain relief and accelerated recovery for my patients in an uncommon way.  For my patients that have been suffering for years with neck pain, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, my services quickly help them feel better and increase their mobility.  For patients suffering from athletic injuries and recovering from surgeries, my services can help speed up the recovery process while improving the results.

What’s so different about my therapy services?

While I am a licensed Chiropractor, I am also licensed and certified in other competencies that allow me to offer solutions that few others in the Ventura County area can provide.  The combination of my therapy skills makes the difference in my patients’ lives and can for yours too.  For example, most chiropractic services focus on the skeletal system, while the muscular system may be impeding recovery or is the actual cause of the pain and restriction of motion.  Treating only one area in a quick “move em in and move em out” session may prolong your recovery.  The real answer to your recovery and improvement may require more extensive therapy that works to treat the muscles around the pain to give more long lasting relief.